Challenge Islands hot fix update incoming

πŸ‘‘ Attention monarchs! πŸ‘‘


An update has been made to Kingdom Two Crowns with some changes to balancing and fixes following the recent Challenge Islands update. This hot fix update has been deployed on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

  • Solved several crashes that occurred when loading the game after the latest Challenge Islands update due to the addition of the Dire Wolf steed and it's cute little pup that corrupted the regular dog with tremendous jealousy in the campaign.

  • Balancing of the Plague Island difficulty level to make it achievable.

  • No longer becoming indefinitely stuck after dying in the cave.

  • Corrected the issue where invisible wall sometimes occurred after it was destroyed by greed.

  • Bomb no longer becoming stuck after purchased.

  • Fix for map becoming stuck open when opening it whilst on island 5.

  • Boar spawn should no longer disappear unexpectedly.

  • Also fix for boar repeatedly spawning after initial spawn.

  • Nintendo Switch L & R buttons now mapped to pay action.

The PlayStation 4 version of Kingdom Two Crowns also got the Challenge Islands update which includes all changes listed above.

If you’re having problems with the game not starting properly, please see the Challenge Islands news page for more info on how to solve this. Sorry about any inconvenience.