Way far back in the early 2010s, Thomas van den Berg AKA noio wanted to learn animation. His first goal: animate a horse. From this task spawned new goals, such as putting somebody on top of the horse, and giving them things to do and interact with. The person became a monarch. The land became populated with people, one thing kept leading to another, and soon Kingdom was born.

The Games


Kingdom (now known as Kingdom: Classic) was developed by noio and Licorice and was an instant success, drawing thousands of players into the charm and appeal of a deep strategy built on simple mechanics. It’s a game that teaches you just enough to know what buttons to push, while letting you learn the deeper strategic elements through both discovery and trial & error. Failure is not so much a setback, but rather a chance to take what you’ve learned to go deeper and farther the next time.


New Lands

Kingdom: New Lands, first released in 2016, took the foundation of Classic and expanded upon it greatly while preserving the core of the 2D microstrategy experience. By expanding the game to multiple islands, each with increasing levels of challenge and a wealth of unlockable perks that amplify your strategic options, the franchise had found its true footing. While first releasing on PC, it later saw releases on all current-gen console and mobile platforms, and to date has been downloaded by over 1.5 million players worldwide.


Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns, developed by noio and Coatsink, is the next iteration of the beloved franchise and will be raising the bar to the highest point yet. By adding in the brand-new campaign mode, playable as single-player or co-op, and featuring a wealth of new unlockables, units, mounts, and more, this will be the definitive Kingdom experience that will welcome and delight players both loyal and new. But this is only just the beginning, for the path ahead, just like the sheen of a monarch’s crown, is a bright one.