Halloween comes to Kingdom: New Lands


A bright moon lit up the black sky with a grin,
Riddled with Greed the longest night will begin.

Things are about to get spookier in Kingdom: New Lands as Halloween descend upon us. In the spirit of trick or treat, you might notice an evil grin on the moon during night time and haunted mansions in the far distance across the islands of Kingdom. Even the greedy creatures dress up in pumpkin masks but they won’t be bribed with candy, they still want your coins and crown.


If you're lucky, you'll find a spooky horse drifting around in nightmarish landscape. You will only find the cursed steed on the second island and the following islands when starting a new reign during Halloween on October 30th-31st. Do you dare to ride the cursed steed? Be swift, the horse disappears as the bell rings in November 1st.