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Tales spread of far off isles with mysteries waiting to be discovered. Rulers will need all the strength of their subjects to sail away and find new kingdoms in these New Lands.

Kingdom: New Lands builds upon the award-winning gameplay and mystery of Kingdom by introducing an abundance of new content to the IGF-nominated title while maintaining the simplicity and depth that legions of monarchs have come to experience and enjoy. Travel to the New Lands and welcome the deluge of new mounts, merchants, and vagrants that call these isles home, but be wary of the new obstacles that threaten your arrival -- for not just the greedy creatures block your way but even the environment itself can defeat you.

Be brave, ruler, and fight to the bitter end, lest these New Lands conquer you instead.

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A cryptic, gorgeous, and righteously frustrating way to spend time.
— PC Gamer
The most striking thing about Kingdom is its subtlety.
— The Escapist
I am in love.
— Destructoid
Those times I failed weren’t mistakes to be erased, they were layers of experience. I wasn’t losing, I was learning.
— Eurogamer

Developed in collaboration between two world-class developers. Licorice hails from Iceland while Noio hails from the Netherlands. These two amazing talents have come together to bring us all Kingdom, a minimalist RPG that redefines what it is to be "Easy to play, difficult to master".